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SC Budget & Finance Amended Ord. 17-080 2018 Budget

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Category: Events and Notices - Legal and Public Notices
Posted: 12/20/2017







NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on November 21, 2017, the Snohomish County Council passed Amended Ordinance No. 17-080, ADOPTING THE 2018 BUDGET AND MAKING APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE OPERATION OF COUNTY AGENCIES AND





Section 1. Appropriations. Having considered theCountyExecutive’s proposed 2018 budget, including the Executive’s proposals regarding property tax revenues, the County Council hereby adopts the budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2018, and ending

December 31, 2018, at the program levels set forth in Attachment 1, a computerized compilation of budget detail attached hereto and incorporated as if fully stated herein. In case of conflict, the figures in Attachment 1 shall control over the summary table in section 4. In case of

conflict, the figures in Attachment 2 shall control over Attachment 1, and Attachments 1 and 2 shall control over the summary table in section 4.


Section 2. Fire Districts. Pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 49, § 23, Laws of Washington 1982, 1st ex. sess., funding for the fire districts within Snohomish County has been fully considered during the budget process. While such districts provide an important

service to the residents ofSnohomishCounty, they are independent taxing entities; therefore this budget does not provide funds for their use.

Section 3. Non-represented Employees.


(a) The base 2018 compensation levels (salaries and wages) of non-represented regular employees (except the elected officials identified in SCC 2.105.010, employees covered by the Sheriff’s office exempt employees compensation plan established by SCC 3.69.050

and District and Superior Court Judges and Commissioners) that are set by section 1 of this ordinance include a cost of living adjustment (COLA) to final year 2017 salaries and wages. This COLA granted to non-represented county employees is the same as that granted to

AFSCME union employees in their collective bargaining agreements covering the year 2018 which is an increase of 2.5% effective January 1, 2018.

(b) For active non-represented temporary employees who perform duties that are equivalent to those performed by regular employees and who receive a rate of compensation for such work that is equal to the rate paid for that work done by regular employees, the

compensation levels set by section 1 of this ordinance include a cost of living adjustment (COLA) which shall be determined and paid in a manner equivalent to that set forth in subsection (a) of this section for regular employees.

Section 4. Summary Table. The 2018 budget is organized by funds and departments in the following amounts:


Fund Fund Name Dept Dept Name Revenue Expense FTE

002 General Fund 01 Executive $ 274,816 $ 2,898,176 14.000

002 General Fund 02 Legislative $ - $ 4,218,183 23.000

002 General Fund 04 Human Services $ - $ 3,112,607 19.500

002 General Fund 05 Planning $ 787,928 $ 4,389,508 27.300

002 General Fund 07 Office of Hearings Administration $ 489,263 $ 878,495 4.250

002 General Fund 09 Parks And Recreation $ 8,416,742 $ 12,470,978 59.675

002 General Fund 10 Assessor $ 235,098 $ 8,264,129 66.000

002 General Fund 11 Auditor $ 7,994,800 $ 8,478,233 42.000

002 General Fund 12 Finance $ 562,573 $ 4,398,012 31.600

002 General Fund 13 Human Resources $ 136,986 $ 2,580,990 18.250

002 General Fund 16 Nondepartmental $179,891,429 $ 7,461,599 1.500

002 General Fund 22 Treasurer $ 9,256,544 $ 3,929,430 32.000

002 General Fund 24 District Court $ 7,236,866 $ 10,796,314 81.500

002 General Fund 30 Sheriff $ 17,861,043 $ 61,260,863 357.000

002 General Fund 31 Prosecuting Attorney $ 622,089 $ 17,273,495 122.500

002 General Fund 32 Office of Public Defense $ 745,352 $ 10,441,617 9.000

002 General Fund 33 Medical Examiner $ 142,230 $ 3,070,705 16.300

002 General Fund 36SuperiorCourt $ 1,327,774 $ 22,999,610 158.400

002 General Fund 37 Clerk $ 3,475,495 $ 7,690,364 73.225

002 General Fund 38 Sheriff’s Corrections Bureau $ 10,470,950 $ 52,537,612 345.250

002 General Fund 39 Dept Emergency Management $ 420,450 $ 1,197,508 5.981

100 Special Revenue 05 Planning $ 100,000 $ 100,000 0.000

100 Special Revenue 09 Parks And Recreation $ 3,241,784 $ 3,241,784 2.350

100 Special Revenue 11 Auditor $ 3,500 $ 3,500 0.000

100 Special Revenue 16 Nondepartmental $ 1,424,500 $ 1,424,500 0.000

100 Special Revenue 24 District Court $ 7,500 $ 7,500 0.000

100 Special Revenue 30 Sheriff $ 3,704,880 $ 3,704,880 18.000

100 Special Revenue 31 Prosecuting Attorney $ 5,468 $ 5,468 0.000

100 Special Revenue 36SuperiorCourt $ 166,900 $ 166,900 0.000

102 County Road 06 Public Works $125,127,168 $125,127,168 393.000

108 Corrections Commissary 38 Sheriff’s Corrections Bureau $ 1,155,000 $ 1,155,000 3.250

116 Convention & Performing Arts 09 Parks And Recreation $ 4,290,704 $ 4,290,704 2.850

118 Crime Victims / Witness 31 Prosecuting Attorney $ 457,052 $ 457,052 4.000

124 Human Services 04 Human Services $ 63,041,195 $ 55,182,862 205.875

124 Human Services 20 Pass-Through Grants $ 47,754,531 $ 47,754,531 0.000

124 Human Services 24 District Court $ -$ 236,942 2.000

124 Human Services 30 Sheriff $ -$ 81,826 0.000

124 Human Services 31 Prosecuting Attorney $ - $ 1,217,066 6.000

124 Human Services 32 Office of Public Defense $ - $ 877,800 0.000

124 Human Services 36 Superior Court $ - $ 3,217,965 10.000

124 Human Services 37 Clerk $ - $ 397,358 0.000

124 Human Services 38 Sheriff’s Corrections Bureau $ - $ 1,829,376 11.500

130 Grant Control 16 Nondepartmental $ 2,060,000 $ 2,060,000 0.000

130 Grant Control 18 Facilities Management $ 150,000 $ 150,000 0.000

130 Grant Control 21 Airport $ 35,000 $ 35,000 0.000

130 Grant Control 30 Sheriff $ 3,061,859 $ 3,061,859 5.750

130 Grant Control 31 Prosecuting Attorney $ 4,850,393 $ 4,850,393 37.000

130 Grant Control 36 Superior Court $ 2,730,564 $ 2,730,564 22.475

130 Grant Control 39 Dept Emergency Management $ 2,678,000 $ 2,678,000 8.435

141 Sheriff-Search & Resc Helicopt 30 Sheriff $ 80,000 $ 80,000 0.000

142 Sheriff Drug Buy Fund 30 Sheriff $ 1,133,071 $ 1,133,071 0.000

143 Arson Investigation & Equip 05 Planning $ 59 $ 59 0.000

144 Tax Refund Fund 22 Treasurer $ 5,000 $ 5,000 0.000

156 Emerg Svcs Communication Sys 39 Dept Emergency Management $ 8,208,307 $ 8,208,307 3.083

180 Evergreen Fairground Cum Reser 09 Parks And Recreation $ 1,869,175 $ 1,869,175 0.000

185 Conservation Futures Tax Fund 09 Parks And Recreation $ 7,036,089 $ 7,036,089 6.500

186 Auditor’s O & M 11 Auditor $ 2,209,841 $ 2,209,841 2.000

188 Public Wrks Facility Construct 06 Public Works $ 4,500,000 $ 4,500,000 0.000

189 Elections Equip Cumulative Res 11 Auditor $ 948,083 $ 948,083 0.000

190 Sno Cty Tomorrow Cum Res 05 Planning $ 144,564 $ 144,564 1.000

191 Real Estate Excise Tax Fund 16 Nondepartmental $ 24,941,134 $ 24,941,134 0.000

192 Transportation Mitigation 06 Public Works $ 5,950,000 $ 5,950,000 0.000

193 Community Development 05 Planning $ 20,871,851 $ 20,871,851 127.950

194 Boating Safety 30 Sheriff $ 112,000 $ 112,000 0.000

195 Antiprofiteering Revolving 31 Prosecuting Attorney $ 79,245 $ 79,245 0.000

196 Parks Mitigation 09 Parks And Recreation $ 1,890,047 $ 1,890,047 0.000

197 Fair Sponsorships & Donations 09 Parks And Recreation $ 469,920 $ 469,920 1.300

199 Snohomish Cnty Arts Commission 09 Parks And Recreation $ 169,000 $ 169,000 0.000

215 Limited Tax Debt Service 17 Debt Service $ 24,442,651 $ 24,442,651 0.000

300 Capital Projects Fund 16 Nondepartmental $ 230,000 $ 230,000 0.000

300 Capital Projects Fund 18 Facilities Management $ 100,000 $ 100,000 1.000

309 Parks Construction Fund 09 Parks And Recreation $ 7,250,454 $ 7,250,454 11.950

311 Facility Construction 18 Facilities Management $ 2,105,000 $ 2,105,000 0.000

315 Data Processing Capital 14 Department of Information Technology $ 2,261,000 $ 2,261,000 2.000

402 Solid Waste Management 06 Public Works $ 67,931,498 $ 67,931,498 139.000

410 Airport Operation & Maint. 21 Airport $ 52,241,238 $ 52,241,238 64.000

415 Surface Water Management 06 Public Works $ 36,365,153 $ 36,365,153 95.000

502 Equipment Rental & Revolving 18 Facilities Management $ 30,068,595 $ 30,068,595 49.000

505 Information Services 14 Department of Information Technology $ 19,912,224 $ 19,912,224 86.000

506 Snohomish County Insurance 02 Legislative $ 0 $ 48,878 0.625

506SnohomishCountyInsurance 12 Finance $ 15,425,721 $ 12,256,408 8.350

506SnohomishCountyInsurance 13 Human Resources $ 0 $ 58,859 0.500

506 Snohomish County Insurance 31 Prosecuting Attorney $ (410) $ 3,061,166 18.000

507 Pits and Quarries 06 Public Works $ 1,030,000 $ 1,030,000 0.000

508 Employee Benefit 12 Finance $ 59,622,067 $ 59,228,578 3.050

508 Employee Benefit 13 Human Resources $ (75,000) $ 318,489 2.750

511 Facility Services Fund 18 Facilities Management $ 13,989,496 $ 13,989,496 45.000

512 Training & Development 13 Human Resources $ 415,854 $ 415,854 2.000

512 Training & Development 16 Nondepartmental $ 542,833 $ 542,833 3.000

513 Security Services Fund 30 Sheriff $ 2,334,506 $ 2,334,506 11.000

TOTAL $933,204,692 $933,204,692 2,924.775


Section 5. FTE Table. Pursuant to the Personnel Cost Policy established by Motion No. 07-691 and Section 6 of this ordinance, the number of FTEs is limited by department for the year 2018 as set out in the following table:

Dept Dept Name FTE Dept Deptartment Name FTE

01 Executive 14.000 18 Facilities Management 95.000

02 Legislative 23.625 21 Airport 64.000

04 Human Services 225.375 22 Treasurer 32.000

05 Planning 156.250 24 District Court 83.500

06 Public Works 627.000 30 Sheriff 391.750

07 Office of Hearings Administration 4.250 31 Prosecuting Attorney 187.500

09 Parks And Recreation 84.625 32 Office of Public Defense 9.000

10 Assessor 66.000 33 Medical Examiner 16.300

11 Auditor 44.000 36 Superior Court 190.875

12 Finance 43.000 37 Clerk 73.225

13 Human Resources 23.500 38 Sheriff’s Corrections Bureau 360.000

14 Department of Information Technology 88.000 39 Dept Emergency Management 17.500

16 Nondepartmental 4.500 Total 2,924.775

Section 6. FTE Limitations. The FTE figures contained in Section 5 constitute the maximum number of FTEs for which funds are appropriated by this ordinance. Unless otherwise specified in this ordinance, department heads may transfer FTEs between divisions (or

programs) within their departments, but FTEs cannot be transferred between departments or funds unless authorized by the County Council. Council action to authorize such transfers is an administrative act and may be taken by motion. As used in this ordinance, the term “FTE”

has the meaning set forth in SCC 4.26.010.

Section 7. Additional FTEs. Notwithstanding the limitations contained in Sections 5 and 6, the Council may authorize one or more increases in the maximum number of FTEs for a specific department or fund, up to an aggregate of 25 additional FTEs for the County for

2018, upon finding that (a) the increase is in the best interests of the County and (b) necessary funds have been appropriated. Council action to increase the maximum number of FTEs is an administrative act and may be taken by motion.

Section 8. Project Positions. The number of FTEs for which appropriations are made by this ordinance as shown in Section 5 includes the 15.55 “project” positions listed below. Expenditures of appropriations for these positions may only be made through the indicated

end dates. These positions shall not be considered permanent positions notwithstanding their inclusion in Section 5 of this ordinance.


Dept Department Position Title Wage Scale FTE End Date


05 Planning SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR-PDS 240 1.00 28-Feb-20


06 Public Works ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN SENIOR LEAD 242 1.00 31-Dec-20

09 Parks And Recreation OFFICE ASSISTANT III 309 1.00 31-Dec-20

09 Parks And Recreation PARK RANGER 234 1.00 30-Dec-18

09 Parks And Recreation PARK RANGER 234 1.00 31-Dec-18

09 Parks And Recreation PARK RANGER 234 1.00 31-Dec-18

14 Department of Information Technology BUSINESS APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER 4 - DIS 775 1.00 31-Dec-18

14 Department of Information Technology PROJECT MANAGER-DIS 724 1.00 31-Dec-18

16 Nondepartmental FACILITIES MANAGER 111 0.50 31-Dec-20

18 Facilities Management SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER 112 1.00 31-Dec-18

21 Airport RECORD SERVICE TECHNICIAN 306 1.00 31-Dec-18

30 Sheriff SHERIFF PROGRAM COORDINATOR 239 0.75 31-Dec-18

31 Prosecuting Attorney DIVERSION COUNSELOR 239 1.00 31-Dec-18

31 Prosecuting Attorney PROSECUTING ATTORNEY CRIMINAL DEPUTY II 402 1.00 31-Dec-20

33 Medical Examiner MEDICAL INVESTIGATOR II 240 0.30 31-Dec-18


TOTAL 15.55


Section 9. Budget notes and conditions.


(A) Budget Notes. The 2018 budget is adopted with the following statements of County Council intent and requests for information or agency action:

(1) Alternative Platforms for Customer Payments.The County Council requests the Executive, Department of Information Technology, and Department of Finance explore alternative options for customers to make payments to the County, including but not limited to use of Paypal,

Venmo, and other digital/online payment networks and platforms, and to present to Council the feasibility and costs of providing these alternative options to customers. Feasibility considerations should include the ability of these alternative options to be integrated and configured

into current and future enterprise-wide technology infrastructure. The Council requests that the Executive provide a response by August 31, 2018. The response shall be presented at Council Committee.

(2) District Court Cash Management. The Council requests the Treasurer’s Office and the District Court work together to develop an updated cash concentration system to accelerate District Court cash collections from remote locations, consolidate cash in the County’s central

bank account, and increase funds availability for investment. The Council requests that a report be provided by May 31, 2018, and discussed at the Council’s Finance and Economic Development Committee.

(3) Update of Sheriff’s Office Exempt Compensation Plan Salary Differentials. The salary differentials for the Sheriff’s Office Exempt Employees were set by Ordinance 01-119, adopted November 21, 2001. No changes have been made to the differentials since that time. The

Council requests the Executive and the Department of Human Resources review and update the salary differentials for the positions of Undersheriff, Bureau Chief and Major using industry standard methodologies, provide comparisons with salary differentials set by Pierce and

Clark Counties in Washington and Multnomah and Washington counties inOregon, and present a report to Council Committee by June 30, 2018.

(4) Code Enforcement. The 2018 budget includes the addition of one code enforcement officer position and associated vehicle. The Council requests that the first priority for this position’s workload be support for the Regional Drug and Gang Task Force.

(5) Corrections Quarterly Reports. The Sheriff’s Office will provide quarterly reports to the County Council on all revenues relating to the Corrections Bureau for jail services. Reports shall be submitted to the County Council on or before April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th, and

discussed at the Council’s Finance and Economic Development Committee. Reports shall include year-to-date actuals for 2018 compared to 2017 and 2016 and shall include a projection through December 31, 2018.

(6) Corrections Revenues and Expenses Study. The Sheriff’s Office shall complete an analysis of revenues and expenses for the jail which include factors affecting revenues and expenses and a comparison of actual revenues and expenses over the last three years. The analysis

shall also include recommendations of changes to rates for agencies and cities in addition to fiscal policies that will improve the jail’s fiscal sustainability. The analysis shall be submitted to the County Council by May 15, 2018, and discussed at Council’s Finance and Economic

Development Committee.

(7) District Court Consolidation. The District Court shall provide an analysis of the costs, revenues and feasibility associated with consolidating the courts into one facility. The analysis shall make recommendations regarding the additional information and needs to consolidate

the District Court. The analysis shall be submitted to the County Council by May 15, 2018. The report shall be presented at Council Committee.

(8) Economic Development and Sister Cities/Counties. The Council requests the Snohomish County Executive and the Office of Economic Development provide an updated list of all Snohomish County sister cities and counties, cost of activities related to the MOUs and MOC

executed in the past five years, the plan for additional activities, and the economic development–related accomplishments achieved from these important relationships. The Council requests this information be provided by April 15, 2018. The information shall be presented at

Council Committee.

(9) ER&R Rental Rates. The current methodology for setting rental rates uses a variety of factors; inflation, life expectancy (years and/or mileage), prior years actual fuel (plus overhead), parts (plus overhead) and labor hours. In order to ensure these factors are in tune with

current market trends and life expectancies, and that overhead components are reasonably calculated and applied, Council requests the Executive, Facilities Management, and ER&R form a task force to explore alternative methodologies for setting rates, identify a target fund

balance, and review the calculation and application of overhead markups. Council also requests that a Council staff person be included on the task force. A report of the task force findings shall be presented at Council Committee no later than May 31, 2018.

(10) Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining. Collective bargaining is a tool to manage terms and conditions of employment in the workplace.SnohomishCountyhas 22 collective bargaining agreements with unions. The agreements have various expiration dates, and many

expire in December, 2018. By March 30, 2018, the Council requests the Department of Human Resources provide a labor agreement management plan detailing the planned schedule for negotiations in order to execute the agreements prior to their termination. In order to provide

clear direction during the course of negotiations, the Council requests the Department of Human Resources provide to Council a review of the previous employment contract terms, the proposals made by the County and each bargaining unit, the related conditions and full fiscal

impacts of each proposal, and the status of each negotiation (negotiation, mediation, arbitration, settlement). The plan shall be presented at Council Committee.

(11) Plan for Usage ofCountyDebt. The County anticipates the occurrence of several large facilities and technology projects in the next few years, including but not limited to, replacement of Proval/Ascend, replacement of the public safety 800 Mhz system, implementation of

an ERP system to replace Cayenta and Highline, the Courthouse remodel, the construction of a Sheriff’s south precinct, and replacement of the Arlington Fleet facility. The Council requests the Executive and the Department of Finance to prepare a 10-year plan, that begins

in 2018, for the issuance and usage of County debt, including the types and structures of planned debt issues; uses of debt proceeds including the repayment of interfund loans; the timing of debt issuance and debt service payments; planned funding sources for debt service

payments; use of banked capacity; and bond expirations during the 10-year period. The Council requests the response be submitted by March 1, 2018. The plan shall be presented at Council Committee.

(12) Reclassification/Salary Adjustment Reports: A budget note was included in the 2010 Council-Adopted Budget (Amended Ordinance No. 09-113) requesting the Department of Human Resources to submit monthly reports for review by the Council that identify all position

reclassifications and salary adjustments requested or presented for implementation during the previous month. Beginning April 1, 2018, the Council requests that month and year-to-date fiscal impacts of these position reclassifications and salary adjustments (whether vacant

or filled) be included in the report.Year-to-date fiscal impacts shall compare compensation levels at the top step of each scale. The Council requests the Director of Human Resources present the monthly report to the Council’s Finance and Economic Development Committee.

(13) Salary Savings. There is often a lag between the time a position is authorized and the time the position is filled; as a result, budget allocations for new positions may exceed what is actually needed. This “salary savings” may be needed to help cover the cost of payouts when

employees leave County employment. The Council requests the Departments of Human Resources and Finance to determine the amount of such salary savings from monthly vacant position reports and notify the Council of such savings within five business days of month end.

Any department that may be unable to cover payouts to employees who leave county employment may request a budget transfer from the Personnel Cost Contingency to cover the shortfall.

(14) Sheriff’s South Precinct Facility. The Council requests the Executive, Facilities Management, and the Sheriff’s Office to complete an analysis of establishing a new South Precinct facility. The analysis shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, a needs assessment,

alternative locations, cost estimates and financing options, options to design and construct, and operational impacts. The analysis shall be submitted to the County Council by May 15, 2018, and presented to Council Committee.

(15) Technology Funding Strategies. Through its technology rates, the Department of Information Technology collects funds each year to maintain County applications, computers, technology infrastructure and for computer replacement. However, the monies collected are

insufficient to fund enterprise wide technology replacement or assist departments and offices with technology projects that the individual office or department cannot afford. As technology continues to evolve, the County needs to have strategies for funding technology projects

beyond the current rate structure. The Council requests the Executive, and the Departments of Information Technology and Finance to establish a Task Force to develop and make recommendations on technology funding strategies that include, but are not limited to:

• Establishing a surcharge that would apply to all county funds;

• Diverting funds from sales tax revenues;

• Instituting a technology fee on County transactions;

• Establishing a small recurring technology fund to help departments and offices pay for technology projects that they otherwise could not afford; and

• Debt financing.

The Task Force could be chaired by the Department of Finance and the Department of Information Technology, and it would benefit from representatives from a wide array of County departments and offices. The Council requests that the Task Force provide a response by August

31, 2018. The response shall be presented at Council Committee.

(16) Roads 6-year Transportation Improvement Program Non-motorized Facilities. Council requests programming an additional amount not to exceed $400,000 of County Road Fund spread out over the next three years beginning in 2019 toward TIP# C.00 of the Roads 6-year

TIP. The additional amount shall be used to build on existing efforts and projects that integrate non-motorized facilities and sidewalk improvements within urban growth areas experiencing the most growth.

(17) US 2 Replacement of the Westbound Trestle. The US 2 trestle is an important linkage to traffic flow within the county and Council requests the County Executive set aside $500,000 of County Road Fund as a partial match toward projects identified in WSDOT’s Interchange

Justification Report (IJR) currently underway. In addition, Council requests the Executive and the Department of Public Works continue working with WSDOT, state legislators, local cities, theportofEverett, affected transit agencies and other key stakeholders to initiate these

projects to ensure coordination with the findings of WSDOT’s IJR proposed to be released in 2018. Council requests that Public Works submit a report by September 1, 2018, providing an update on the coordinated efforts toward replacement of theUS2 westbound trestle. The

report shall be presented at Council Public Works Committee.

(18) Assessor backlog. The 2018 Chair’s amended budget includes the addition of 2.0 FTEs in the Assessor’s Office to address work backlog. Council requests that a report is prepared indicating the volume of backlog expected to be addressed, and the amount of any revenue

anticipated to be collected. The Council requests that the Assessor present the report to the Finance and Economic Development Committee no later than February 28, 2018.

(B) Budget Conditions. Pursuant to Section 6.50 of the Snohomish County Charter, the 2018 budget is subject to the following conditions, restrictions, and limitations:

(1) General Fund Revenue Stabilization Contribution. Snohomish County Code 4.26.065 calls for the County to, each year, deposit any available General Fund reserves exceeding liquidity needs to the General Fund Revenue Stabilization Fund. The Council intends to build this

reserve over the longrun.TheCountyExecutive is required each year to report the amount of year-end fund balance in the General Fund and recommend a contribution to the General Fund Revenue Stabilization Fund (SCC 4.116.040).The Council directs that, subject to liquidity

needs, a minimum of $100,000 of unexpended funds be transferred to the General Fund Revenue Stabilization Fund. No General Fund unexpended funds may be used until the minimum annual reserve contribution is made.

(2) Homeless Pilot Project or Projects, City ofEverettLow Barrier Supportive Housing Project. In 2015, the Snohomish County Council adopted the 2016 Budget, which included $1,000,000 to partner with other agencies or organizations to develop a homeless pilot project or

projects. On February 11, 2016, the Human Services Department issued a Request for Concept Papers and received one responsive concept paper from the City ofEverett. The concept paper provided that the City ofEverettwould develop and operate a “Low Barrier Supportive

Housing Capital Project” (Project) that would consist of 50-70 units of housing for chronically homeless individuals with chemical dependency, mental health, and/or co-occurring disorders in Everett. The County Council adopted Motion 16-168 providing direction to the County

Executive to develop an Interlocal Agreement with the City ofEverettto award the $1,000,000 from CD/MH tax funds to the Project. Motion 16-168 provided direction for certain conditions to be included in the Interlocal Agreement including that the award shall not exceed

$1,000,000, the Project shall not be limited to individuals from the City ofEverett, that there shall be periodic reporting, and thatSnohomishCountyshall not be responsible for operations and maintenance of the Project.

The City ofEveretthas selected a location for the Project and has selected Catholic Community Services to operate the Project. Catholic Housing Services applied for and Snohomish County Human Services has awarded an additional $611,274 toward the Project. The County

Executive has not transmitted an ECAF with his recommendation for an Interlocal Agreement to the Snohomish County Council for consideration. A budget condition is hereby imposed thatSnohomishCountyshall not disburse the awarded funds and shall not award any further

funds toward the Project until such time that the County Council approved an Interlocal Agreement betweenSnohomishCountyand the City ofEverettor until such time that the County Council adopts a Motion authorizing funds to be disbursed or awarded.

(3) Use of REET 2 for Housing the Homeless. The 2017 Washington State Legislature expanded the use of REET 2 for a limited period of time, from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2019. The expanded use includes the acquisition, construction, improvement, or rehabilitation of facilities

to provide housing for the homeless. The 2018 budget includes an expenditure appropriation of $1,000,000 of REET 2 funds for this purpose. The parameters for the use of these funds have not yet been developed. A budget condition is hereby imposed as follows: (1) that by

March 1, 2018, the Department of Human Services present to Council Committee the parameters and process for award of these funds; and (2) the award and subsequent disbursement of funds shall not be made until the Department of Human Services presents and the County

Council has approved a motion authorizing the award and disbursement of said funds.

(4) The 2018 Budget includes an appropriation from REET 2 in the amount of $1,000,000 for homeless housing project(s). Of this appropriation, $500,000 shall be reserved for a project with theAlliancefor Housing Affordability (AHA) provided that such project complies with

all statutory requirements for use with REET 2 funding.

Where to Get Copies of the Amended Ordinance: Copies of the full ordinance are available in the office of the County Council. They may be obtained by calling (425) 388-3494, 1-(800) 562-4367 x3494, TDD (425) 388-3700 or by e-mailing to

Copies may be picked up at the Council office at3000 Rockefeller Avenue,Everett,WAor will be mailed upon request.

Website Access: The ordinance can also be accessed through the County Council’s internet website at:



DATED this 15th day of December, 2017

/s/ Elena Lao

Asst. Clerk of the Council





Published: December 20, 2017.



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