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SCPW - RC1422 S. Machias Rd/Machias Cutoff

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Category: Events and Notices - Legal and Public Notices
Posted: 04/23/2017




Publication Date: April 23, 2017


To learn more about a project:

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3. Review the project file at Snohomish County Public Works (PW),3000 Rockefeller Avenue, Robert

J.DrewelBuilding, 2nd Floor,CustomerServiceCenter,Everett,Washington; Office Hours: M-F

8-5 except legal holidays. Please call the Senior Planner in advance to be certain the project file is



To comment on a project:


1. Submit written comments to Snohomish County Public Works, c/o Senior Planner, at the

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2. E-mail comments to the Senior Planner with your name, address and contact number.


To appeal a SEPA decision:


Submit a written appeal and the $500 filing fee to PW prior to 5 p.m., published appeal end date. Refer

to SCC 30.71.050(5) for details on what must be included in a written appeal. A SEPA appeal also

requires that an affidavit or declaration be filed with the Snohomish County Hearing Examiner within

seven days of filing the appeal pursuant to SCC 30.61.305(1). For projects requiring a shoreline permit,

appeals must be submitted to the Shorelines Hearings Board.


How to Reach Us:


The Snohomish County Public Works Customer Service Center is located on the 2nd Floor of the

RobertJ.DrewelBuildingat3000 Rockefeller Avenue,Everett,Washington.


SnohomishCountyPublic Works


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Phone: (425) 388-3488


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FAX: (425) 388-6674





(Pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 30.70.050(2) and 30.61 SCC)


Project Name:South Machias Road/Machias Cutoff Intersection Improvement


Project Number: RC 1422


Project Description:SnohomishCountyPublic Works (SCPW) proposes to provide roadway improvements

at the South Machias Road/Machias Cutoff intersection. The purpose of the project is to improve intersection

operations from its current stop-controlled configuration and reduce conflict between vehicles and recreational

trail users. Traffic delays have increased at the intersection with the all-way stop operation such that the

intersection operates at Level-Of-Service E (LOS E) for both the AM and PM peak-hour commute time periods.

An analysis indicated that signalization and installation of turn lanes were warranted.


BothSouth Machias Roadand Machias Cutoff are two-lane rural roads that intersect at a skewed “T”

configuration. The existing intersection operates as a three-legged all-way stop with a flashing beacon. A

separate crossing for the Centennial Trail lies east of the intersection.South Machias Roadintersects Machias

Cutoff at an angle of approximately 54 degrees. There are no crosswalks or pedestrian facilities at the



The project would signalize and realign the intersection so that Machias Cutoff intersectsSouth Machias

Road at a new “T” configuration. With the new configuration,South Machias Roadwould have the primary

through movement at the intersection. The proposed improvements would prioritize the highest traffic volume

movements onSouth Machias Roadand would reduce delays, reduce pedestrian conflicts and improve the

overall intersection level-of-service to LOS C. In addition to new signalization, the project would construct turn

lanes at all three legs of the intersection and provide 5-foot wide shoulders. Wider 8-foot shoulders would be

provided at the intersection in proximity to the signal to facilitate pedestrian crossings. The Centennial Trail

crossing located approximately 130 feet east of the intersection would also be reconfigured and the crossing

incorporated into the signalized intersection design.


A 60-inch corrugated metal pipe cross culvert on Machias Cutoff immediately west of the intersection conveys

WilliamsCreekflows. This culvert would be replaced as part of the project with one that provides for enhanced

unimpeded fish passage. The project would provide stormwater runoff treatment as part of the project.


The proposed work would occur largely within existing roadway right-of-way, but would require acquisition

of new right-of-way to construct the turn-lane improvements and stormwater runoff treatment facilities.

Portions of the existing Centennial Trail right-of-way would also be used to construct the improvements with

the intersection’s realignment to the south, and would also require realignment of the trail in proximity to the



The project would disturb an estimated 57,000 square feet (1.32 acres) within the project’s cut/fill limits to

construct the intersection improvements. Approximately 11,500 square feet of the disturbance would occur

within the existing roadway prism.


SCPW proposes mitigation that would restore disturbed areas on site and use of an approved mitigation bank

for unavoidable permanent wetland, stream and buffer impacts.


Project Location: The project site is located at the intersection ofSouth Machias Roadand Machias Cutoff

Road southeast of Lake Stevens, approximately 1.25 miles southeast of Lake Stevens, in Section 20, Township

29 North, Range 6 East, W.M. ofSnohomishCounty.


Type of Project: Public Works Project – Intersection Improvement


Completeness Date: April 5, 2017


Permits/Approvals Required: Land disturbing activity permit; other applicable federal, state and local permits


SEPA Decision: April 12, 2017


Project Comment Period: April 23 – May 15, 2017


SEPA Appeal Period: There is no opportunity for appeal at this time. Pursuant to SCC 30.61.300(10), SEPA

appeals related to a shoreline substantial development permit shall be submitted to the state shorelines

hearings board together with appeal of the underlying shoreline permit.


Senior Planner: Crilly Ritz 425-262-2476


Senior Planner e-mail:



See PDF at:

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