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Category: Events and Notices - Legal and Public Notices
Posted: 01/28/2018




Publication Date: January 28, 2018.


• Call the planner assigned to the project.


• Review project file at Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (PDS)




• *NEW *PermitCenterand Record Center Hours are


 o 8:00 a.m. to Noon & 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri


 o 10:00 a.m. to Noon & 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Thurs


 o Please call ahead to be certain the project file is available.


 o Please Note: submittals of projects are now taken by appointment only


To comment on a project:


• Submit written comments to PDS at the address below. All comments received prior to

issuance of a department decision or recommendation will be reviewed. To ensure that

comments are addressed in the decision or recommendation, they should be received by PDS

before the end of the published comment period.


• Comments, on a project scheduled for a hearing before the hearing examiner, may be made by

submitting them to PDS prior to the open record hearing.


• PDS only publishes the decisions as required by Snohomish County Code. Persons will receive

notice of all decisions that they have submitted written comment on, regardless of whether or

not they are published.


• You may become a party of record for a project by: 1. submitting original written comments and

request to become a party of record to the county prior to the hearing, 2. testifying at the

hearing or 3. entering your name on a sign-up register at the hearing. NOTE: only parties of

record may subsequently appeal the hearing examiner’s decision or provide written or oral

arguments to the county council if such an appeal is filed.


To appeal a decision:


• Department decisions (including SEPA threshold determinations): submit a written appeal and

the $500 filing fee to PDS prior to the close of the appeal period. Refer to SCC 30.71.050(5) for

details on what must be included in a written appeal.


• A SEPA appeal also requires that an affidavit or declaration be filed with the hearing examiner

within seven days of filing the appeal, pursuant to SCC 30.61.305(1).


• Hearing examiner decisions issued after a public hearing are appealable as described in the

examiner’s decision. Notice of those decisions is not published. You must have submitted

written comments to PDS or written or oral comments at the public hearing in order to appeal

a hearing examiner’s decision.


• Building and Grading applications associated with a Single Family Residence are not subject

to the County’s appeal process. To file a judicial appeal in Superior Court, refer to

WAC 197-11-680 and RCW 43.21C.075.


How to Reach Us:


TheCustomerServiceCenterfor the Snohomish County Planning and Development Services is

located on the 2nd floor of theRobertJ.DrewelBuildingat3000 Rockefeller Avenue,Everett.


Planning and Development Services




3000 Rockefeller Avenue, M/S 604




Phone: 425-388-3311 TTY


FAX: 425-388-3872


ADANOTICE:SnohomishCountyfacilities are accessible. Accommodations for persons with

disabilities will be provided upon advance request. Please make arrangements one week prior to

hearing by calling the Hearing Examiner’s office, 425-388-3538 voice, or contact (PDS) at 425-388-

7119 voice, or 388-3700 TDD





File Name: Terry & Laura Roerick File Number: 18 101050 ACUP


Project Description: Administrative Conditional Use Permit for Temporary Dwelling


Location: 3512 171ST PL NW STANWOOD


Tax Account #: 310427-001-005-00


Applicant: Terry & Laura Roerick


Date of application/Completeness Date: January 23, 2018


Approvals required: Administrative Conditional Use Permit & associated building permit


Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before February 20, 2018


Project Manager: Beverly Raymond 425.262.2976


Project Manager e-mail: EDH794066




File Name: Nathan Oines File Number: 18-100929 ACUP


Project Description: Administrative Conditional Use Permit (ACUP) for a detached accessory apartment.


Location:22417 91ST AVE W,EDMONDS


Tax Account #: 004610-009-009-02


Applicant: Nathan Oines


Date of application/Completeness Date: January 19, 2018


Approvals required: Administrative Conditional Use Permit (ACUP) and associated building permits.


Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before February 20, 2018.


Project Manager: Beverly Raymond


Project Manager e-mail: EDH794068




File Name: HiddenRiverMiddle SchoolExpansion File Number: 18-100398 SPA


Project Description: Preliminary Site Plan Approval for Industrial Park (IP zone) for future addition to

existing middle school for new commons and additional classrooms of 23,950 square feet together with

expansion of outdoor sport fields.


Location:9224 Paradise Lake Road, located betweenParadise Lake Roadon the east property boundary

andBostian Roadon the west property boundary


Tax Account Number: 270525-001-024-00


Applicant:MonroeSchool District No. 103


Date of application/Completeness Date: January 16, 2018


Approvals required: Hearing Examiner approval of Preliminary Site plan approval for Industrial Park (IP

Zone). As Lead Agency for theHiddenRiverMiddle Schoolexpansion project, the District has determined

the project is exempt from SEPA threshold determination as per SCC 30.61.035(1)(d), which exempts

school projects less than 25,000 square feet. The project addition is 23,950 square feet and is within the

Maltby Urban Growth Area


Concurrency: This project will be evaluated to determine if there is enough capacity on county roads to

accommodate the project’s traffic impacts, and a concurrency determination will be made. Notice of the

concurrency determination will be provided in the notice of project decision. The notice of decision will be

provided to all parties of record for the project.


Comment Period: Submit written comments on or before February 20, 2018


Project Manager: Jan Newman, 425.262.2938


Project Manager e-mail: EDH794077





File Name: Bartelheimer File Number: 07 112642 SM


Description of Proposal: Shoreline Management Substantial Development permit, Flood Hazard permit

and development permits for an existing dairy farm to create a floodproofed area for accessorty agricultural

structures for feed storage/handling and for manure storage/handing. Creating a certralized floodproofed

area for accessory agrictural structures to house calves. Constructing a manure lagoon to collect runoff

from new concrete slabs.


Location:12030 92ND ST SELOT A,Snohomish,WA98290


Tax Account Number: 280617-003-001-00, 280617-003-002-00, 280617-003-003-00, 280617-003-004-00,

280617-003-014-00, 280617-004-004-00, 280620-001-003-00, 280619-001-007-00, 280617-004-002-00,

280617-004-007-00, 280617-003-011-00, 280617-003-013-00, 280617-003-015-00, 280617-003-005-00,

280617-003-019-00, 280617-003-021-00, 280617-003-012-00, 280617-003-020-00, 280617-003-017-00,

280617-004-006-00, 280617-004-005-00, 280619-001-020-00, 280620-001-001-00, 280620-001-002-00,

280620-001-004-00, 280620-002-001-00, 280620-002-004-00, 280620-002-005-00, 280620-002-006-00,

280620-002-007-00, 280620-002-008-00, 280620-002-010-00, 280620-002-011-00, 280620-003-013-00,

280617-004-010-00, 280617-004-011-00, 280617-004-012-00, 280617-004-013-00, 280617-004-014-00,

280617-004-016-00, 280617-003-037-00, 280617-003-038-00, 280619-001-021-00, 280619-001-022-00,

280620-001-006-00, 280620-001-007-00, 280620-002-013-00, 280620-002-014-00, 280620-002-015-00,

280620-002-016-00, 280620-002-017-00, 280620-002-018-00, 280620-002-019-00, 280620-002-020-00,

280620-002-021-00, 280620-002-022-00, 280620-002-023-00, 280620-002-024-00, 280620-002-025-00,

280617-004-002-01, 280617-004-009-00, 280617-004-017-00, 280617-003-024-00, 280617-003-035-00,

280617-003-036-00, 280617-003-034-00, 280617-003-033-00, 280617-003-032-00, 280617-003-030-00,

280617-003-031-00, 280617-003-029-00, 280617-003-028-00, 280617-003-025-00, 280617-003-026-00,

280617-003-027-00, 280617-003-023-00, 280617-003-022-00, 280617-003-039-00, 280619-001-023-00,

280620-002-026-00, and 280620-003-014-00.


Applicant: Ryan Bartelheimer


Date of application/Completeness date: Wednesday October 24, 2007


Approvals required: Shoreline Management Substantial Development Plan approval, Flood Hazard permit,

grading permit and associated construction permits and approvals.


Threshold Determination: The lead agency for this proposal has determined that it does not have a

probable, significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is NOT

required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). This decision was made after review bySnohomishCountyof a

completed environmental checklist and other information on file with this agency and such information is

adopted herein by reference. This information is available for public review upon request.


This Determination of Nonsignificance is issued under WAC 197-11-340 (2) and is subject to a 14 day

comment period. Written comments may be submitted to the lead agency at the address below. Comments

must be received by February 12, 2018.


APPEALS: Pursuant to SCC 30.61.300(10) this DNS may be appealed to the state Shorelines Hearings

Board together with the appeal of the underlying Shoreline Permit. Appeal of this DNS is not allowed as a

separate appeal, but must be combined with the appeal of the underlying shoreline permit and filed within

the time period specified for the appeal of the shoreline permit. Appeal of a shoreline permit shall be filed

with the Shoreline Hearings Board pursuant to RCW 90.58.180.


Project Manager: Frank Scherf, 425.262.2725


Project Manager e-mail: EDH794089



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